Historical Butcher shop Rubei


The famous butcher shop Rubei was born in Amatrice in the early 1900s and moved to Rome in the 1950’s, right in the heart of La Dolce Vita, in order to serve the Roman aristocracy and most famous restaurants of the capital.

Today, the third generation of the Rubei family continues to serve its customers in the renovated premises located on Via Sicilia 147. Quality and tradition are still a focal point of the way they do business. Rubei serves typical Italian products, like the famous “Guanciale di Amatrice,” along with a wide selection of Italian, Danish and Dutch quality meats.

Rubei strives to promote quality meats, while maintaining the ancient art of butchery, courtesy, and experience in serving customers as past generations have done.

Our Services:

The Rubei butcher shop serves both the Hotel and Restaurant industry and the public from their butcher shop located on Via Sicilia 147.
Rubei also does free-of-charge Home Deliveries.